Learning to Walk

After months of cruising furniture and crawling at warp speed, Hannah has finally chosen walking as her preferred mode of toddling around. She is genuinely thrilled with her new skill and she takes off with such speed that she confirmed my suspicion that she was simply waiting to walk until she could get around faster than crawling. At just under 15 months, she has certainly kept me on my toes waiting for this time.

Hannah loves to be mobile and I’m trying to encourage that as much as possible. We put a lot of thought into the way we baby proofed her playroom and nursery so that she can have free reign. It makes caring for a newborn much simpler when we can all spend time together in a safe toddler space. I even try to do most of Audrey’s belly time while Hannah is in the room so they can get used to one another. So far, Hannah has been really great with Audrey. She often bends over to give her a kiss or bring her a blankie. I do stay within arms reach (let’s face it- I hover over the baby) since Hannah is a little wobbly on her feet and rough now and then. Overall, she’s a really enthusiastic big sister and I love watching them grow together.

One of the things I’ve known about Hannah since she was in utero was that the child has a mind of her own. She loves to explore and is hesitant to listen to directions unless she can see an immediate benefit, just like her Dad. Having her on a schedule really helps with this because she follows along to get her meals or go upstairs for a nap at the same time and in the same sequence each day. I’ve also been preparing her to walk in the “real world” by holding her hand as much as possible when we walk from room to room at home. So, when it came time to cross the parking lot for our family outing, we let her give it a shot.
She did a stellar job!

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