Green Resolutions Giveaway Hop!

Welcome to the Green Resolutions Giveaway Hop, hosted by Happy Mothering, Mama Chocolate and Purposeful Homemaking! In addition to my green giveaway, there are an additional 40 blogs featuring eco-friendly prize packages. After you’re done entering my giveaway, please visit the other blogs, which you’ll find listed below. Good luck!

Giveaway Details

If your New Year’s resolution involves a clean house and a healthy lifestyle, you will love this giveaway! The main component of the prize pack is Shaklee’s Get Clean Organic cleaner. You’ll find that this superconcentrate produces 48 Gallons of cleaning solution for any task around the house! The prize also includes 3 spray bottles so that you can dilute the mixtures for each household need. You’re receive a microfiber window cleaning towel for a streak-free shine, too. Finally, you’ll get a sample of Shaklee’s tasty energy chews. Total prize value: $40!

This prize is sponsored by Lynn Reynolds, a Shaklee representative from suburban Philadelphia. You can contact her to find out more about these fantastic products at

To Enter

You can enter today simply by commenting on this post and letting me know the dirtiest room in your house. Don’t be shy! Around here, the guest room is where dust bunnies and laundry piles find the safest hiding. You can gain one additional entry by following @EcoIncognito on Twitter. Simply come back here and make an extra comment with your twitter handle for that entry. There will be other ways to enter in the coming weeks, so check back for new posts about the contest! *Open to continental U.S. contestants only.

The Rules

The winner will be selected randomly on January 31 and notified that day. After the announcement, the winner will have 48 hours to reply or another winner will be selected.  All entries must be received by January 30.


94 comments on “Green Resolutions Giveaway Hop!

  1. Romina says:

    The dirtiest room is the bathroom.

  2. Romina says:

    Twitter follower @justanotherhat

  3. Jennifer Reda says:

    my dirtiest room is definitely the bathroom

  4. Jennifer Reda says:

    follow you on twitter (redfuzzycow)

  5. kristina says:

    Maybe the kitchen, just because we are always cooking and making snacks.

  6. domestic diva says:

    Probably our kitchen/play room/eating area, as we do EVERYTHING there.

  7. Ann* says:

    I would have to say the bathroom – theres men in the house LOL

  8. roxanna says:

    The dirtiest room has to be the bathroom… hands down!

  9. Catie says:

    The dirtiest room is probably the “Man Cave” – I refuse to clean in there!

  10. Catie says:

    I follow Eco Incognito on Twitter (@catie_russo)

  11. Brooke says:

    My kitchen is usually the dirtiest! ( bad, I know!)

  12. Julie G says:

    Our dirtiest room is the Kitchen… with a little one running around there are always crumbs and spills everywhere!

  13. Thanks to me finally hiring a housecleaner, my house is pretty much dust bunny free. I would have to say my dirtiest room would be my basement. It’s my “dump-all” ground.

  14. I’m following you on twitter. My name there is @onmyvtporch.

  15. MaeGal says:

    I live in dorms currently. I keep my room clean. Haa.

  16. MaeGal says:

    I also follow you on Twitter (@theMaeGal).

  17. HilLesha says:

    Probably the kids bedroom. No matter how many times I pick up and/or clean it, it looks like a tornado hit it within the next hour. ~lol~

  18. HilLesha says:

    I’m following via Twitter.


  19. kitty32504 says:

    The dirtiest room in the house? The bathroom — hands down!

    Dara Nix
    kitty32504 at cox dot net

  20. Michelle Dippel says:

    Dirtiest room : Utility room.

    littleangel_mw at yahoo dot com

  21. Michelle Dippel says:

    I follow them on TWITTER.
    twitter = DippelMichelle
    littleangel_mw at yahoo dot com

  22. Mrs. Smitty says:

    The Dirtiest Room is the Basement (laundry/hubby’s work room/storage)

  23. Melissa says:

    Usually our kitchen. Sigh. I’m trying to get better at this.

  24. Gena L says:

    The dirtiest room in my house is the playroom!

  25. Gena L says:

    I follow you on Twitter!

  26. Kathryn says:

    The bathroom is the dirtiest

  27. Kathryn says:

    I am following on twitter: kjk9mu

  28. By far – my bathroom! I hate cleaning bathroom!

  29. Alicia C. says:

    I’ve got to say the kitchen. My husband and teen are slobs. They drop food and don’t pick it up, leave dirty dishes everywhere, and will wipe up spilled milk just enough to get the puddle up. I’ve tried going on strike to see if they’ll notice their slobbery ways, but they don’t.
    ohmiss14 at yahoo dot com

  30. My bathroom…I hate cleaning the bathroom!!!

  31. Follow on Twitter as @brittleby

  32. Bathroom & laundry room… 😦

  33. Terra Heck says:

    The dirtiest in my house is the kitchen. Seems I can’t ever keep up with it. Thanks.

  34. Amanda J. says:

    The dirtiest room in my house is the Bathroom!

  35. Amanda J. says:

    Twitter follower (@mssluna02)

  36. EcoCrazyMom says:

    Right now my bedroom is extremely dirty and dis-organized!! Ever since Christmas it’s just been full of piles of stuff that need to be put away, piles of laundry, you name it!

    ~Terri Babin

  37. EcoCrazyMom says:

    I follow via Twitter (@EcoCrazyMom)

    ~Terri Babin

  38. Dorinda says:

    The dirtiest room in our house is the bathroom(S)

  39. Kelly says:

    Our bathroom is the dirtiest room by far!

  40. Kelly says:

    follow you on twitter – indianzummer

  41. Zene says:

    The kids room, toys everywhere! Makes it hard to vacum when you keep sucking up Legos and transformer parts!
    Spottedjagiwar at yahoo

  42. Rebecca X. says:

    My bedroom is always the dirtiest. Unfortunately, my husband has the drop and go theory.

  43. Rebecca X. says:

    I followed you on Twitter.

  44. Hannah Avery says:

    Well, right now, the living room might be the messiest. But the bathroom isn’t that good either.

  45. Hannah Avery says:

    I am following you on Twitter. My twitter name is @hannahgavery

  46. Abby J says:

    The bathroom is the dirtiest.

  47. Abby J says:

    I followed you on twitter. (@abbyful)

  48. Kitchen is dirtiest here! I just can’t keep the floor clean as fast as 3 young kids & their dad can make it dirty!

  49. I follow on twitter too, as @iggyaa and @grnlifestyle

  50. brooke t says:


  51. kjanna says:

    Thanks so much! janna johnson
    janna@feedyourpig on gfc

  52. Teresha@ Marlie and Me says:

    dirties room is the kitchen floor.
    t_freckleton at yahoo dot com

  53. Michele P. says:

    the dirtiest room, the bathroom for sure!

  54. hollowsins says:

    Our dirtiest room is probably the kids bathroom..they are so messy!

  55. Tami Lewis says:

    the dirtiest room for us is the kitchen! we do so much in there that it really needs a good scrub down daily!

  56. annahi25 says:

    The dirtiest room is the laundry room. The washing machine “walked out” of place today because I was washing a quilt… it was SO gross behind the washing machine! Although I made a lot of money with loose change…

  57. Summer D says:

    The bathroom is the dirtiest room in our house.

  58. April G says:

    The bathroom is definitely the dirtiest room in my house. 😦

  59. stacy h says:

    oh gosh, its probably the kitchen =(

    hancoci_s at msn dot com

  60. Jessica Peeling says:

    Hmm.. lol.. I’d have to say the kitchen!

  61. Jessica Peeling says:

    Following you via twitter (amisodear)

  62. heather kaufman says:

    My messiest room is the guest room. Things just accumulate in their.

  63. heather kaufman says:

    Follow you on twitter.

  64. Kasee Johnson says:

    The dirtiest room in my house is the kids’ bathroom! ICK!! 3 boys + 1 girl share that bathroom, so you can just imagine how bad it can get. I have to sanitize my body after entering the room!

  65. Tiffany says:

    Our bedroom always seems to be the worst. There just doesnt seem to be enough hours in the day and all we do in there is sleep and change diapers.

  66. Tiffany says:

    Following you on twitter as o0tiffyo0

  67. Stacy says:

    The kitchen! We cook every day, and spills are bound to happen.

  68. Stacy says:

    I follow on twitter @theimaginetree

  69. Brianne says:

    The upstairs bathroom is always the dirtiest room in our house!

  70. Regina P says:

    The dirtiest room is the kitchen bc the kids are always in there trying to cook something and leaving my stove yucky.

  71. LoryAnn Payne says:

    The dirtiest room in my house is my bedroom. That is where everything gets piled, laundry, paperwork, and projects.

  72. LoryAnn Payne says:

    Twitter follower @LoryAnnP

  73. Michelle Plummer says:

    My basement is!

  74. Alicia Ebaugh says:

    The dirtiest room in my house is the bathroom, although the rest of it isn’t too clean, either!

  75. Alicia Ebaugh says:

    I follow you on Twitter as JunesparkLily!

  76. minibea12 says:

    I think the dirtiest room is the bathroom!

  77. minibea12 says:

    follow you on twitter @minibea

  78. Vicki Vix says:

    The dirtiest room is probably the living roo. Just because it’s the room that opens into the back yard. This means the dogs go in and out and track in dirt in summer and mud in winter.

  79. Vicki Vix says:

    FromFurrin is following @EcoIncognito on Twitter.

  80. Kristin Gideon says:

    The dirtiest room here (right now) is definitely the kitchen. Ugh. It should be the cleanest, but it’s so hard to keep up with sometimes!

  81. Kristin Gideon says:

    Following you on twitter! @smurfy29

  82. Anme says:

    The dirtiest room is my bedroom! I don’t really clean up in there because guests never go in there, so why bother!

  83. Anme says:

    Thank you for the giveaway!
    I am a twitter follower as msaching
    melorabrock {at} gmail {dot} com

  84. Sarah Kronholm says:

    Our extra bathroom gets disgusting in a matter of days. Definitely the dirtiest in the house.

  85. heather smith says:

    my bathroom for sure!

  86. Breanne says:

    The laundry room is probably the dirtiest

  87. Breanne says:

    I follow you on Twitter @razzmyberry

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