12 Fluffy Deals of Christmas

It’s a great time to try cloth diapers if you haven’t already, or bulk up your stash because there are sales every day! My favorite retailer, Kelly’s Closet, is holding a sale called the 12 Fluffy Deals of Christmas. Each day, they will discount items from their vast inventory of cloth diapering necessities. This site has absolutely everything you need to successfully diaper your baby in modern and cute fluff! Not only will you find an ever-growing number of brands and styles of diapers, but you can also get detergent, wet bags, necessities for moms, and the newest addition to the product line- diaper jewelry! I was a little skeptical of “diaper jewelry,” but they are actually just removable patches you can swap to different diapers by attaching to snaps that aren’t in use. It’s a cute way to accessorize an otherwise plain diaper.

Think about giving new parents a gift that will save hundreds (and even thousands!) of dollars! Each time you reuse a diaper, you are reducing landfill waste. Even if you only cloth diaper part time, you can still make a huge impact. Consider changing 3 (or more) diapers to cloth each day and you will find out firsthand why so many parents love using them!

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