Mom’s Holiday Wishlist

This year, if you’re stumped on what present to request, why not ask for something you’ll use again and again? Here are a few suggestions that will keep your garbage low and your spirits high this season:

Reusable towels and washcloths:

Kick paper towels to the curb for good and make the sustainable switch to cloth towels. Chances are, you already have a few, so pick out a few more wash cloths, hand towels, and dish rags to make your household paper free. Don’t get rid of any old towels you replace! Save those for heavy messes or dusting.

Water Bottles:

A great way to make sure you’re getting enough water throughout the day is to carry a convenient water bottle. Keep them chilled in the fridge so they are ready to go when you are! There are many great options for reusable bottles, so choose one that suits you best. Vapur sells collapsible water bottles. Sigg is an excellent manufacturer of creative, eco-friendly stainless steel bottles. The Camelbak Groove lets you filter tap water on the go with a unique straw. This Portable Filtering water bottle is an excellent choice for people who are away from home most of the day. The water filters immediately through the straw and tastes great! Even though many people recycle water bottles, they still account for a huge amount of waste. Plus, the plastic that wraps them
in bulk and the transportation involved in deliveries could be avoided with these simple options.

Experiences create memories that last a lifetime:

If you have a young child, ask for gift certificates to Mommy and Me classes at places like a gym or pool. Spa gift certificates can be used for manis, pedis, hair cuts and more so those are a great option, too! You can even ask for tickets to the theater, ballet, or orchestra.

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