Thankful for Less

This year, I’m thankful for less. I’m thankful for the simplicity of using less and creating less waste. From cloth diapers, to glass containers, to cloth towels, disposing of their disposable counterparts has brought joy and a sense of permanence to my household. I’m thankful for spending less and feeling fulfilled by my purchases. Websites like have helped me halve my grocery expenses while doubling our food stores.  I’m thankful for having less money and realistic expectations. Leaving the work force has been the best decision for us and I’m grateful to my husband for working hard to support our family. I’m also thankful for weighing less. Let’s face it- mothers can have a little vanity! Sticking with nursing, following Lindsay Brin’s workouts, and eating heartily Real Moms Love to Eat-style are helping me shed the pounds and increase my energy. Of course, I’m most thankful for one thing more, my beautiful daughter Hannah! (But that’s a given!)

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours. Please come back after the Holiday for refreshing seasonal advice and tips!

One comment on “Thankful for Less

  1. […] year I was Thankful For Less at Thanksgiving, but this year I am definitely Thankful for More. Our little family is growing […]

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