Cloth in the Kitchen

I realized yesterday that we were down to our last roll of paper towels in the house and I decided that it would be the official last roll in the house. Instead of clipping a coupon and searching for the best deal, I took the $15 I would have spent on a jumbo pack at Target and purchased new towels and washcloths instead. Now we have a variety of towels to service every cleaning and drying need in the house. There are microfiber towels for cleaning up messes, cotton towels for drying hands, washcloths for cleaning dishes and bamboo towels to dry them. My husband is eager to use all the new fluff since he loves decorative home accessories. It felt great to spend the money on something that is pretty and will be used over and over again instead of buying paper that will only end up in the trash.

You’re probably thinking that all of this will go out the window as soon as my baby grows into the toddler phase. Maybe you’re right, but I think we’ve got a fighting chance since this house is bustling at the seams with useful cloth. A corner of my laundry room shelf is reserved for towels, tees, and socks that are on their last legs. These items are perfect for a serious mess.

I always used to think of my washing machine as a way to delicately rinse my clothes. After a few months relying heavily on it to lift deep stains and taking the time to learn how the cycles work, I have no doubt that it can tackle the extra load of towels. I’m planning to sew a bag for the laundry room to store dirty towels until I have a full load. The bag will be cotton, so it can go right in the wash with everything else.

We’re looking forward to putting this new green plan into practice and I encourage you to try it, too!


2 comments on “Cloth in the Kitchen

  1. The Laundry Lady says:

    Actually, I started using cloth towels and wash cloths more when my daughter became a toddler. The sheer number of paper towels it would have taken to clean her up after meals was staggering. So I decided to forgo them all together, instead using packages of inexpensive wash clothes I had picked up earlier to clean up all her spit up (she spit up almost constantly for 6-8 months). These wash clothes are stained (I recommend bright colors as opposed to whites or pastels) but we are still using them as we are getting ready for a second baby coming in March. I use a small plastic garbage can as a laundry basket right in the corner of my kitchen. All cleaning cloths get a separate load with oxyclean, dawn or vinegar, just so I am sure all the food bits come out. But since I already wash cloth diapers, these are definitely not much grosser.

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