Changing Diapers

Kelly Wels wrote a fantastic reference book about modern cloth diapering called Changing Diapers. I wish I had it a few months ago when I was getting started! Everything I researched was easy to understand and learn in this quick read. She provides expert knowledge and handy tips and tricks. When my friends start having babies they will definitely be getting a copy of this book along with the cutest diaper I can find for their baby showers!

I love that Wels relates to the readers through an understanding that there is resistance to using cloth diapers. She talks about how husbands may not want to try them, but later grow to love them. One Dad even had custom diapers hand sewn in Italy for his baby! There is a chapter on how to use cloth with a daycare provider, too. Her suggestions for cloth laundry are perfect. You can skip the expense of a laundry service because it is sanitary and easy to wash them right at home.

With a handy guide like this, there is no reason not to try cloth diapering. But, just in case you’re not sold yet, remember that it can save $2500 per child versus disposables! You can buy her book and everything else you need to swaddle your baby in fluffy diapers at Kelly’s Closet.

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