GDiaper Review

Last week, we went on vacation so we also took a vacation from Hannah’s regular cloth diapers. The two voices in my head (one is ecologically friendly, the other economically friendly) duked it out until we all reached a compromise with a half-off offer on for G Diapers.

They are a hybrid system, composed of two parts; a flushable insert and a reusable, washable cover. The G’s are chemical free and compostable so they’re better than standard disposables. However, they generally cost more.  My final cost was $7/40 inserts. All the covers can also be used with cloth inserts*, so even at $9 each (also half off) they are a justified expense. Plus, the pink garden Gpant may just be her cutest diaper to date!

There were pros and cons of using the system. The biggest con was sorting everything and hanging on to certain parts of the diapering necessities. When you use all cloth, it’s easy because everything goes into the wash. Even taking cloth out of the house is a snap because a wetbag will contain all the mess. When you get back home, it goes straight into the wash with everything else.

On the other hand, the pros included a trimmer pack for the flight and a leak-free week. Our diaper bag has a handy clip-off pack that was ready for an inflight change. It holds 5 inserts, a pack of wipes, spare cover, changing pad, and a small wet bag.

If you generally use cloth diapers at home and need a tossable solution, I would recommend G diapers. I don’t think these are a good full-time option because the cost benefits of using modern cloth diapers are so high in comparison. Plus, you’re already doing diaper laundry with this system, so I can’t think of a reason not to use cloth at home.

*If you’re thinking of trying Gcloth, think again. Even after just a few wears it irritated Hannah so I would recommend a prefold or flat from a different brand instead. I’m going to be testing out a few different materials for Hannah this week, including uber soft bamboo and organic cottons. I will report back when we find the best night-time set up!


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