Free Books, Free Internet, and Free Kid’s Activities

No matter how much I enjoy spending time surfing the web, reading a book will always be one of my favorite pastimes. I’m looking forward to encouraging my daughter to read as well. I think it’s a good idea to start regular reading with babies between 3 and 6 months. We read a book each day and we’ve made a few short trips to the library already. She enjoys looking around the children’s section at the brightly colored books and toys.

I’m no stranger to the library, as I’ve pored through their chick lit, prenatal, and early parenting sections. I use their online resources to reserve books and select new reads. I can’t make the switch to a Kindle because I just enjoy the look and feel of a solid book too much. One of the main reasons I love reading is because I don’t have to look at a screen! For me, that means the best way to be a “green reader” is to use the loaned books from the library. Sure, it’s nice to have a brand new book and I encourage everyone to have a small library at home (especially for kids.) But, the price at the library is unbeatable and checking out books is a great way to support the service in the community.

If you’re leery of used books, just remember that a dogeared volume is well read and well loved. Also, you can always wash your hands as many times as necessary since you’re already saving so much on soap 😉

One comment on “Free Books, Free Internet, and Free Kid’s Activities

  1. What a great tip! I just tossed a foaming soap dispenser! I won’t do that again.

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