Little Savings Add Up!

One of my favorite money-saving tips lengthens the life of your soap, which cuts down on waste from all those little plastic bottles. I reuse (and reuse and reuse) a foaming soap bottle with a mixture of water and regular soap. Since it only needs one part soap to five parts water, it lasts forever! The crazy thing is that manufacturers are already capitalizing on this. It’s why they invented the foaming soap dispensers in the first place! Why shouldn’t consumers be the ones to benefit from the cost savings?

Here’s a great example of a time when it pays to be green rather than couponing. Pick up a large refill jug of soap the next time it goes on sale and you will be set for months. The best part of having the refills on hand is that I can top off my soap before company arrives so that everything looks fresh in the kitchen and bathroom. Even saving $5 per month adds $60 back into your budget by the end of the year.


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